Parking Lot Lights

Smart, energy efficient parking lot lighting

Every parking lot needs light. At Code Electric, we install and service the lighting fixtures that keep any type of business or municipal lot safer and more secure. From classic halogen or high-pressure sodium lights to new LEDs, we have all the parts and services you need for a brighter lot!

Have us bring light to your parking lot:

  • Parking lot lighting service and repair
  • New or replacement parking lot lights
  • LED parking lot lights
  • Parking lot light LED retrofitting
  • Energy efficient parking lot lights

Make the switch to LEDs

For an easy way to save money and reduce maintenance costs, you can upgrade your parking lot lights with new LED bulbs. LEDs are a smart new alternative to traditional lights, and last between 35,000 and 50,000 hours, compared with just 750 to 2,000 hours for standard fixtures. Best of all, existing lighting fixtures can be retrofitted to accommodate new LED bulbs.

LEDs aren’t just great lights – they’re also a smart investment. Despite a slightly higher initial cost, LEDS can provide energy savings of up to 58%, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of energy per light each year. In fact, over the course of their 20-year plus, virtually maintenance free lifetimes, LED lights can easily return 12 to 15 times their cost in savings.

Get energy efficient LED lighting for your lot by calling 877-209-9363 today.

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